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About Phoneix Renissance

Our Organization

Phoenix Renaissance was created to kindle the fire of hope in our community. Our organization was established in 1994 as an off-shoot of the Racepath Community Association to develop programs that would reach families and children throughout Horry County. Since then, we have been a community-based 501c(3) that has focused on the areas that our community needs it most. This means providing basic food and emergency supports, a safe and welcoming place to gather, and, at the core, a nurturing place for our children. 


The Racepath Community is located in an unincorporated area of Horry County, completely surrounded by the incorporated city limits of Myrtle Beach. Located in Census Tract 509, it has a median family income of $29,435 compared to $49,300 for Horry County. Seventy-seven percent of our families with a female, single-parent householder and children under 18 live below the poverty level, even though 45% of them are employed. In addition to poverty, drug use and violent crime are issues that have plagued our community and children.


We envision a different future. To kindle the fire of hope, we provide a safe, engaging After School Program and Summer Youth Camp for children, promoting a climate of determination, perseverance and obtainable future goals. We also bring our neighborhood together through our Thanksgiving Community Dinner and other activities that help us share our love and our dreams for our community.

Our Mission

“The purpose of the corporation is to develop, promote and sponsor alternatives to the abuse of drugs and the use of violence, by providing programs for local community improvement, such as education, recreation, counseling, housing rehabilitation, career training, creative arts, child development, and family services.”

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